Lily Afshar

Musica da Camera

Musica da Camera

“The inspiration for this recording began with my curiosity of Uspensky’s Musical Sketches on Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin,” Afshar says. “The fact that it is based on Pushkin’s novel, and the unique instrumentation for eight musicians – drums, bass, clarinet and strings with guitar – intrigued me. Knowing the story and listening to the programmatic piece clearly explains the character of the hero and heroines created by both Pushkin and Uspensky while blending 19th Century with the 20th.”

To the Uspensky premiere, Afshar added a favorite: the classic “Sonata Concertata, Op. 61” by Niccolo Paganini. Musica da Camera closes with a spirited live recording of “Histoire du Tango” for guitar and violin by Astor Piazzolla, performed with violinist Joy Wiener at the Buckman Performing Arts Center in Memphis.

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“A first class addition to the Afshar catalogue…in terms of quality control, Afshar maintains the highest standards, always generating upmarket fare and often with a sizeable dose of original thought.”
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“There are some very virtuosic moments and Afshar handles them with ease and style.”
this is classical guitar

“Lily Afshar’s first chamber music recording was worth the wait…”
Soundboard magazine

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